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10 Big-Cap Turnaround Stocks for Investors Hunting for Value



Large-cap stocks are continuously edging a lot higher nowadays similar to what they have been enjoying the past few weeks. This rally is headed by Nasdaq Composite.

However, the remaining stocks in the market have been lagging behind including the weakest spots of the market such as utilities and telecoms.

Amidst all these, most investors who are hunting for value are hoarding these stocks and are just waiting for shifts to be in their favor. So, check the following blue-chip stocks and see their every turnaround that you might be interested in.

Procter & Gamble

The shares of Procter & Gamble are continuously increasing in its three-month consolidation range and are back above its 50-day moving average. This movement is considered to be the comeback of PG to the levels which the market has not felt since April.

In the past months, stocks which belong to the consumer product type such as PG have been experiencing pressure for the past few months. All these are in addition to the margin pressure and its limited ability to get over the increases to consumers and market competition.

It has been reported that the company will release their report on the 26th of July and analysts are expecting a 91 cents earnings per share with a $16.7 billion revenue.


The Travelers shares are looking ready to go upwards and are preparing the market to see its highs once again which was last seen in March of this year. If you check the 200-day moving average of Travelers, one can definitely see the lift it has receive in such period.

The report is set to be released on July 19th and analysts are predicting a $2.44 earnings per share on $6.7 billion revenue.

United Technologies

Bounced twice within its 200-day moving average, United Technologies is set to break records again and back to the highs which it has owned last March. This high will definitely be a remarkable one as it is predicted to be more than 5% from its current figures. The predicted rise is said to be caused upon the clarification on US and China trade and its defensive spending on jet engines.

July 24th of this year, the company will release its report and analysts are predicting $1.84 earnings per share on its revenue of $16.2 billion.  Last April 24, the company was able to beat the estimates with its $1.77 earnings and 10.3% revenue increase.


Shares of Verizon are now emerging from its consolidation range since February. This has put a continuation to its sideways range that has been going around since 2016. The expected big iPhone upgrade for this year has made the JPMorgan analysts to upgrade their shares last May. This upgrade cycle indicates new phones on a lower price points.

Verizon will report its results to July 24 and analysts are seeing a $1.15 per share on $31.7 billion revenue.


Caterpillar shares are set to rise near its previous highs of $170 and may offer a gain around 10% from its current figures. This is amidst the rising and falling of its stock prices as a result of the deals in trading of the US and its partners.

On the 30th of July, the company will release its report and analysts are looking for $2.72 earnings per share with nearly $14 billion revenue.

Walt Disney

Excitement builds as Walt Disney scheduled to release the second offering of the Incredibles this week. This has caused the shares to rise near $100 per share level which is likely to be a run on its high last January nearing $113.

Walt Disney will have its report on the 7th of August and earnings of $1.96 per share are seen by analysts. This is for $15.4 billion revenue.


Exiting its multi-month consolidation range, DowDuPont are now able to rise over their moving average of 200 days. This is in connection to the stabilization of crude oil prices. Although, it is still best to be reminded of OPEC’s decision of easing the production cap during their policy meeting which is scheduled later this month.

DowDuPont’s report will be released on the 2nd day of August and analysts are expecting a $1.27 earnings per share on $23.6 billion revenue.

Goldman Sachs

Since March of this year, Goldman Sachs’ shares have been consistent in going down after its short-lived excitement. However, the continuous improvement of the economy nowadays has been a great help for Sachs’ recovery. It’s next results will be reported on the 17th of July and a bright $4.57 earnings per share is seen by analysts on a $8.6 billion revenue.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is expected to rise up and exit its multi-month consolidation range. Thus, one can expect a 7% gain from its current figures as it run at the 200-day moving average. Its next report is set on the 17th of July and analysts are seeing a $2.06 gain per share for a $20.4 billion revenue. 


Coca-Cola shares may have been struggling 10% off during their lows in the month of May but was able to move up at the end of the multi-month consolidation range. It has even able to rise to the tailwind of an upgrade from an analyst of Barclay at the end of such month. Its next report will be on the 26th of July and the earnings are seen by analysts to be around $0.61 per share on revenue of $8.6 billion.


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ICO / Crypto

In a bloodbath be a market vampire




Cryptocurrency is hemorrhaging and im a hungry vampire

Since the beginning of 2018 the cryptocurrency markent has experienced an epic sell off. Currently 90% of all cryptocurrencies are down atleast 80% from their highs a year ago. Some of you probably think this is the end of Bitcoin, but it is more likely the end of many Shitcoins with inactive platforms or illconcieved concepts. It is likely that over the next few months many coins will begin to get delisted a their values drop below $0.00, only the strong will survive this rapture.

You’ll live if you have an active platform

Platforms like Stellar, Binance, and Steemit are likely to endure through this apocolypse mainly due to their strong platforms and huge fanbases that, not only believe but also work hard to keep the blockchain running as a commnity. The coins that are still hinged upon promises and illusions will fall to oblivion. Take this time to evaluate you portfolia and rid yourself of shitcoins and prepare for the great buying opportunity that is about to present itself.

The long road ahead

The last bitcoin bear market lasted around 14 months and when it ended it still took nearly a year for crypto to really rally in 2017. This recession was an inevitable happenstance that many professional analysts predicted. In 2018 all the rumors were that Bitcoin would drop over 70% before rebounding and surpassing its all time highs. With all this news about institutional investments coming into cryptocurrency It is doubtful that the industry is dead. On the contrary I think it is the beginning of a new period in the crypto economy. Regulation is coming and when that happens the Institutional investors will begin pumping crypto as they build their corporate positions for the future.

### Watch the charts

Right now is not a very good buy situation but it would be a good idea to open positions after BTC droppes below $6000 because a strong rebound is likely. I say that because around $5900 is the mining profitability threshhold. We all know miners control the BTC market so it is a logical pivot and point of support for bullish traders. Try to average into the market and remember that your in it for the long haul.

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ICO / Crypto

Bitmex The Boss Of Margin Trading





No It Does Not Mean Bit Mexico

The Bit Mercantile Exchange aka Bitmex has become know as the worlds highest volume trading platform with over 1 million daily transactions and growing! As far as cryptocurrency exchanges go it has a pretty solid history starting back in 2014 and running smoothly up until today. Bitmex has established itself as the go to Exchange for traders looking to leverage their holdings and trade on the market. It is not an eachange to be used by novices because you could wind up emptying your account.

Leverage Leverage Leverage!!

The margin trading options available to you on Bitmex represent a smattering of the top cryptos and the opportunity to trade some of them up to 100x leverage. Thats righ you could basically trade with a minimum of .0006 btc and leverage it to be worth .06 btc. OF course havign such a position is risky because it may get liquidated quickly depending on the markets volatility. If you can understand the threat of liquidation and plan around it then trading on bitmex can be an attractive option.

Perfect For Down Markets

With cryptocurrency in general experiencing a year long downturn, exchanges like bitmex that allow you to go long or short on cryptocurrencies is a helpful tool. Using Shorts one could track the market as it declines and profit (in BTC) on the declining market. That means you would end up with a larget bitcoin positions when the market begins to reverse upwards. Of course being able to short Bitcoin is not an easy task but can be done, especially if you understand the RSI and MACD indicators.

Its Kinda Like Gambling

When you use bitmex you are in essence bettin on which direction the chosen market is going to go. If your right it pays, if your wrong its costs. Although its not as simple as picking a direction, you can learn how to trade on bitmex relativley easily by readingthrough thir FAQs and reaching out to the Bitcointalk community. As always remember when using trading platforms, only invest what you are prepared to lose.

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ICO / Crypto

Is Stellar Set To Surpass Ripple?




Stellar logo

Battle of Centralized vs Decentralized

Stellar lumens is making its way upthe ranks on and its looking like it may be setting up to challenge Ripple and possibly Ethereum in the future. Since the almost psychadelic highs of 2017, we have all experienxed lows to varying degrees but it seems some currencies have been able to take less damage than others as a steady stream of news has helped kep them afloat. One of these is Stellar Lumens, which has been able to prove itself as one of the best performing and fastest growing Blockchain platforms. Its promising rise comes at a time when Cryptocurrencies are having to prove themselves or fail.

In this era of use cases two giants have begun to emerege, Ripple & Stellar have proven that their platforms have the power to serve the global financial sector. Their approaches have simularities but they actually have greater differences that will likely ensure a successful future. Ripples centralized platform offers organizations the ability to build on it, and it is geared towards the banking industry not individual users. Stellars platform like ripple addresses the problem of cross broder remittances but runs on a more decentralized blockchain.

Is Stellar useful?

I wont explain how useful ripple has been to the international banking industry, which has practically thrown its arms open and embraced Ripple. Instead I would like to focus on the usefulness of the stellar platform, which is starting to flourish as institutional investors begin to work with and trust the platform.

Now first off i want to say that stellar and Ripple do not allow users to run their own nodes. the only difference in that aspect is that Ripple is owned by a coropration and Stellar is not. With that being said after looking over the two companies websites you see that Stellar is obviously built so anyone with the skills can develop with their platform. So in the department of developer friendliness Stellar takes the cake.

As far as it main purpose of remittances Stellar has been playing catchup wit Ripple’s exponential growth and influence with the global banking sector. Recently stellar has had a huge announcement though, IBM is working to create a stablecoin on the stellat platform. The creation of a stablecoin that is more accountable than tether will be a huge assist for the Cryptocurrency economy. With a stable coin traders could seriously hold and transfer FIAT value across borders with relative ease, and since its goingto be USD backed it will be very easy to cash out!

Still A Ways To Go

Stellar Lumens is currently resting at $0.21 which is about 50% below ripples current price and it is likely to slide more as the cryptocurrency market bleeds for 2018. If institutional investors do begin taking stakes in the crypto industry you can be sure that Stellar will be one of the platforms they intend to use. Learning how to use it now may be helpful for you in the future when you mobile banking is powered by Stellar lumens. It will no doubt be a bumpy road but stellar has a solid plan and looks to be gearing up for a bright future. Check out their website to learn more about the platform and its uses.

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