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Corporate Taxes



The corporate income tax is the least comprehensible of all the methods by which the U.S. government collects money. Many economists concluded long ago that it is one of the least effective and least defensible taxes. Though they have difficulty agreeing on precisely who actually bears the weight of the corporate income taxation, economists agree that it causes substantial distortions in economic behavior. The tax is popular with the people of the street, who believe, erroneously, that it is paid by corporations. Owners and managers of corporations frequently presume, as wrongly, the taxation is passed along to customers.

The vagueness about who pays the tax balances its continuing popularity among politicians. The national corporate earnings tax differs from the individual earnings tax in two major ways.

First, it is a taxation, not on gross income, but on net income, together with permissible deductions for most costs of conducting business. Second of all, it applies only to companies that are defined as corporations, not partnerships or sole proprietorships. The national tax is imposed at different rates on different mounts of income: 15 percent on taxable income under $50,000, 25 percent on income between $50,000 and $75,000, and rates which vary from 34 to 39 percent on income over that. The lower bracket rates advantage small corporations. Of the 4.8 million corporate tax returns filed in 1998, more than 90 percent were from corporations together with assets of less than one million dollars.

The lower rates, however, had little economic significance. More than 91 percent of all corporate tax revenues came from the 1.5 percent of corporations together with assets greater than $10 million. States levy further earnings taxes on corporations, at rates usually which range from 3 to 12 percent. Since states typically permit deductions for national taxes paid, net rates vary from 1.9 to 4.9 percent. Some localities tax corporations as well. One main reason why state and local corporate earnings taxes remain low is that corporations could easily relocate out of states that impose unusually high taxes.

Except for emergency taxes in wartime, corporate gains were first taxed in 1909, when Congress issued a 1 percent tax on corporation income. The rate rose to 12.5 percent a decade later, and innovative rates, that is prices that increase together with income, were added in 1932. Surtaxes on corporate earnings were added for surplus profits and war gains during both world wars. The highest peacetime rate, 52.8 percent, was reached in the 1960 s. At the 40s and early 50s, the corporate earnings tax provided about a 3rd of federal revenues, and as lately as 1966, the proportion was 23 percent.


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Is The U.S. Winning World War Trade?




A global trade war

Since late 2017 President Donalt Trump has been threatening and levying tariffs on many of our economic allies. This has caused the global markets to experience volatility similar to the cryptocurrency markets .It is driven bythe uncertainty and FUD being spread by the media to investors, which has effectly created a direct correlation between the presidents actions and market movements. When the first tariffs went into effect the stock market took a masaive dive only to recover and dive again after anothe announcement of tariffs. Such volitility has led to increased fear of losin the trade war, yet it seems like this Tradewar has had far smaller of an effect in the U.S. than abroad.

Donald Trump is winning!!

when he started this trade war the president stated that “trade wars are easy to win” to racous dissent from the pundits and economists. Yet it seems that his confidence in the american economy was not misbegotten, since the trade war has started the stock market overall has been able to make gains on a weekly basis that has led it to approach new highs. Along with a booming stockmarket with companies reporting stellar earnings, the U.S. FED has also stated that interest rates will go up thanks to the stability of the economy. Meanwhile in Europe markets are struggling with various internal issues compounding the effect of trumos tariffs. China isn’t fairing any better with the majority of its stock market seeing red and thier central bank attempting to do currency acrobatics to stem the bleeding.

The end may be near

Now that all the rhetoric has passed it seems to be time for the ice to break and tensions to thaw. On wedensday August 22nd 2018 Chinese and American Officials will meetin to discuss trade terms and seek an end to the globally devastating war. Europe has already chose to come to the table an negotiate on the subject of tariffs so with Chinas apparent concession it seems that donald trup had actually wont the trade war. Maybe the other leaders realized it would be dumb to follow Trump down such a destructive path or maybe the U.S. economy is actually strong enough it could defeath the whole world in a fight!! Whatever the reasons it seems this saga of trumponomics is coming to an end, I dare say im excited to see what the future holds for us.

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3 stocks you’ll thank yourself for buying in 10 years




stocks to buy

Disruption is a good thing

the world is changing at a breakneck speed and alot of it has to do with the plkethora of disruptive technologies and companies that are emerging in todays market. Everything from the areospace to the financial sector has seen a shake up in the who’s who amongst their ranks. It is frankly an exciting time in on the stock market as the trade wars unfold and earnings season seems to not even flinch. Currently several stocks are recovering from dips that occurred pre earnings season, thanks to the initiation of the USA/China trade war. This presents a tremendous buy opportunity as many of the most valuable stocks are available for great prices.

most of this list will focus on companies that are disrupting their respective fields and possibly extending tendrils into others.

Square will take you to the winners circle

Square(SQ) is a creditcard processingcompany that is takingthe financial services industry by storm. Since this timelast year Square has grown 191%, thanks largely to is popularity being boosted by services like buying and selling bitcoin. They have maintained solid growth even in the face of a floundering bitcoin market and rampant trade war rhetoric. It has proven that is ecommerce platform is here to stay and will continue to grow. Square is still trading below $100 at $72.90 but is likely to surpass that mark by the end of the year. Zacks rates Square as a 42% buy, because its growth could be stagnated by the increasing saturation of the mobile financial services arena.

The trade war casualty

One of the biggest value stocks that has recently been dipping is Alibaba (BABA) Chinas ecommerce giant. Its looking like the fears of escalations have driven retail investors to dump the stock. This dumping is cutting loose the weak hands and soon the Alibaba price will recover and surpass its current highs. With its earnings call around the corner on August 23rd you can rest assured this one is in for a wild ride! If your not into volatility I would suggest waiting until post earnings, but if you get in pre earnings you stand to make a nice earning in a very short period of time! Regardless of the impending pump, Alibaba is a value stock that you should grab and hold for at least 10 years.

One for the dividend lovers

Recently Intel has been taking a backseat to its younger rivals AMD and Nvidia which have both seen gains thanks to recent innovations and the cryptocurrency mining boom, which saw graphics cards sold out nearly world wide. Fortunately for you this has allowed intel to slide a bit, into affordable territory. Intel is a good buy for the long haul because not only does it offer a healthy dividend of 2.33% they also have a variety of new products slated to hit the market soon. Since 1966 Intel has be innovating, so it is very likely they will be around for the long haul. For now Intel is inside just about every computer and many cellular devices, they have such a huge marketshare its hard to miss such a value stock when its practically on sale. This stock is rated a 51% buy and would bea great addittion to any retirement portfolio..

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The Mexican Peso Explosion.




Mexico’s peso jump high as sentiments improved because the country’s next president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador may seek a kindred relationship with President Trump. In their meeting, Trump and Obrador talked The North American Free Trade Agreement, Border security and also a potential bilateral trade deal.

In the second quarter of 2018, the peso was one of the worst performers and this was mainly because the investors were scared of the leading contender’s leftist politics.

The peso showed a 2 percent increase(19.57 peso to 1 USD) on the 3 of July. This jump can be called the strongest closing level in more than a month.

The peso has benefitted from the high-interest rates(local) which have caused foreign investors to buy domestic bonds in Mexico by borrowing dollars.

Day traders and investors were encouraged after the meeting of the 2 Presidents and the fact that Lopez Obrador has pledged central bank autonomy and the peso being allowed to trade freely has helped a lot.


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