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FanChain Finds Support from Former NBA Commissioner



Former Commissioner, David Stern admitted his initial views about cryptocurrency and blockchain and described it to be a “modern-day version of the tulip frenzy.” He then saw the opportunities that it can create and the possibilities that come with such changes. Now, he is the number one supporter of FanChain.

FanChin is an addition to the long list of cryptocurrency that is being introduced today. It is under SportsCastr which was introduced to sports by avid fans which allow them to be a part of live games by giving comments and opinions regardless of their location. It basically brings sports events a lot closer to fans, thus, improving viewers’ experience.

The best thing about FanChain is it opens opportunities for everyone in the sports and entertainment ecosystem to be rewarded by providing value to their favorite teams and specific players. Through FanChain, SportsCastr will be able to move forward through the creation of a decentralized ecosystem intended for sports and entertainment. Upon the adoption of a cryptocurrency, team affiliation will be embedded to a certain token.

With FanChain, the rewards, prizes and even the easy access to e-sports, sports betting, premium tickets, and subscriptions will be more accessible as users will have an easy way to exchange their token for such products and services.

Stern is seeing a more reachable and a lot fulfilling sports experience through the possibilities which FanChain offers. These reasons are the very thing which convinced him to give his full support and for him to have a positive outlook on the entire blockchain.

David Stern is one of the leading frontrunners who has tremendously contributed to the success of the National Basketball Association (NBA) during the 90’s and 2000’s.


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Investing / Trading

Whats up with the buffet buyback?




First what’s a stock buyback?

A stock buyback is simply when a public traded company buys shares back from the open market.

It is common for businesses to buy back shares for several reasons

  • Help boost the value of their shares. This works because when there is less shares available it influences the price of that asset.
  • Boost earnings before and upcoming report.
  • Cause speculation on the value of their asset

In the past year it has been very common for companies to buy back shares. this is often helpful in rewarding investors.

Buffet knows something you dont!

Berkshire Hathaway is a company owned by Warren Buffett who is know for buying stake in companies he believes will grow in value with time. This time they arent buying shares of other companies but are investing in itself with approximately $1 billion worth of stock buybacks.

You may be wondering why Berkshire Hathaway is buying back shares? Well, after a decade long bull market in the USA coupled with increasing stock prices(potentially in bubble teritory now), Buffett thinks a buyback make sense because there is little percieved value anywhere else. The strategy must be working berkshire reported profits increased 351% to $18.5 billion this past year. Buffets style of value investing is known as one of the best in the industry and making Buffett one of the richest men in the world with a worth of about $90 billion.

Be like Warren buffet and start making valuebuys over on the Stash App, here is $5 for free to get started

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Investing / Trading

Euro to replace the dollar?




there is a probability

The euro is currently 1/3 of global transaction volume, and some think its potentially possible that the Euro coud be placed to surpass the dollar in importance. The euro like the dollar is a fiat currency that is used for trade between european nations and their allies when convenient. With sanctions tarifs and general economic bullying becoming the norm for america and its dollar, some nations are choosing to look for ways to escape dollar hegemony.

It’s not likely to really happen

The euro is a strong currency but it has little chance of becoming the worlds reserve currency. It is more likely that folks will choose to move away from any financial institution that can basically starve your population with financial and trade sanctions. In my opinion cryptocurrency will find it’s way into the worlds economy so that users can escape the easily restricted fiat currencies. Value based in valuless debt notes is on its way out and this will probably be the segway into the next financial crises.

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De-dollarization is on its way!




The Dollar is a weapon of mass destruction

In recent years the news has been filled with stories on sanctions and othr economic turmoils that seem to all stem from the power of the United States of America. Before the 1960’s america had little control over the financial liquidity of the economies abrod but today with the swipe of a pen america can effectivley ban you from its Dollar club paralyzing your economy. in recent years that has begin to slowly change, nations like russia and china are becoming tired of the United States throwing its weight around. Even allies like india and Eu nations are looking into ways to escape from the petro dollar regime which has ruled for so long. A change is coming and it looks like America’s behavior is the catalyst.

Big stories developing

Turkey has dumped several billion dollars in Us debt securities and scooped up gold in an attempt to work closer with its allies Russia and China. The Dollar is fueling huge wars and it is coaxing nations into the growing de dollarization trend. Alliances are developing that may soon shift economic paradigms away from Washington and into thw world. If one is being optimistic they could even say that a new era is about to begin.

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