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Gold Bullion Investing Guide



There are countless articles on buying bullion and gold specifically. What’s the process and what do you should do so to physically own gold?

A vast majority of those who buy physical gold (Or other precious metals for that matter) will usually do it on the internet. Purchasing in person really does not have any benefits over buying it online. First and possibly most important, where am I going to store the bullion and is it secure?

Virtually all bullion sellers offer storage. Gold storage fees usually vary from 1-5% of the value a year, which should include insurance. Putting this into viewpoint, that’s about USD $50-100 for USD $10,000 worth of gold.

You may also store it in a safe deposit box. This might not be the best idea, as you may need separate insurance for your gold.

You may also physically take the gold home and put it in your personal safe. The two advantages of buying gold in person, which I can talk personally about are: One may take the gold with you whenever you leave. Two, it may be almost 100% anonymous. If you’re already accustomed to maintaining ten percent or more of your net worth in bullion, you can run into issues with transporting large sums of cash into or out of different countries.

Singapore, for example, requires you to declare SGD $30,000 or more. Please check with all local authorities about traveling with financial instruments including cash. For all practical purposes, you’ll more than likely be paying via wire transfer. So what’s it like to purchase bullion in person? It’s a smooth, easy process that occurs quicker than the person in front of you can order a Starbucks coffee. If you wish to have a consultation it’ll obviously take more time. Here we go:

Meet the sales person. State what you’d like, for instance, I’d like 10 grams gold bullion, please! Give your name and telephone number and address.

You really don’t need more than that. Pay $522.34 please, or whatever the amount is at your particular merchant. Receive your bullion, first time buyers will probably say or think to themselves, Whoa, that’s really small. Leave happy, goodbye. It’s really that easy.

This is going to change shortly. While I did meet with Torgny Chief executive officer of Bullionstar in Singapore, they’ve a brand new experience which has not been offered any place in the world before. The world’s first bullion bank.

Purchasing bullion will really become an experience and from what I collect from Torgny, it’ll be a must visit attraction when you visit Singapore.


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Investing / Trading

Whats up with the buffet buyback?




First what’s a stock buyback?

A stock buyback is simply when a public traded company buys shares back from the open market.

It is common for businesses to buy back shares for several reasons

  • Help boost the value of their shares. This works because when there is less shares available it influences the price of that asset.
  • Boost earnings before and upcoming report.
  • Cause speculation on the value of their asset

In the past year it has been very common for companies to buy back shares. this is often helpful in rewarding investors.

Buffet knows something you dont!

Berkshire Hathaway is a company owned by Warren Buffett who is know for buying stake in companies he believes will grow in value with time. This time they arent buying shares of other companies but are investing in itself with approximately $1 billion worth of stock buybacks.

You may be wondering why Berkshire Hathaway is buying back shares? Well, after a decade long bull market in the USA coupled with increasing stock prices(potentially in bubble teritory now), Buffett thinks a buyback make sense because there is little percieved value anywhere else. The strategy must be working berkshire reported profits increased 351% to $18.5 billion this past year. Buffets style of value investing is known as one of the best in the industry and making Buffett one of the richest men in the world with a worth of about $90 billion.

Be like Warren buffet and start making valuebuys over on the Stash App, here is $5 for free to get started

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Euro to replace the dollar?




there is a probability

The euro is currently 1/3 of global transaction volume, and some think its potentially possible that the Euro coud be placed to surpass the dollar in importance. The euro like the dollar is a fiat currency that is used for trade between european nations and their allies when convenient. With sanctions tarifs and general economic bullying becoming the norm for america and its dollar, some nations are choosing to look for ways to escape dollar hegemony.

It’s not likely to really happen

The euro is a strong currency but it has little chance of becoming the worlds reserve currency. It is more likely that folks will choose to move away from any financial institution that can basically starve your population with financial and trade sanctions. In my opinion cryptocurrency will find it’s way into the worlds economy so that users can escape the easily restricted fiat currencies. Value based in valuless debt notes is on its way out and this will probably be the segway into the next financial crises.

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ICO / Crypto

Can cryptocurrency survive a gobal financial crisis?




Is cryptocurrency a hedge against economic downturns?

The answer to this question is quite controversial, some would say yes because this is what crypto was made for; while others would chime that crypto is unproven in a downturn and will need to survive its first one before we can feel at ease about its survivability. Much of your perception on whether bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general will survive aneconomic crisis, is based on where you stand about cryptocurrency in general. Today we will talk about the possible survivability of cryptocurency in a crisis.

Is Venezuela a test case

Right now in Aouth America there are several financial crises transpiring that may create possible examples of how crypto will fare in a financial storm. In venezuela reports are coing out that many people are choosing to use cryptocurrency to pay for life expenses. The national government under President Maduro have begun to implement their own state backed cryptocurrency called the petro. The Petro is an asset pegged to the price of a barrel of oil and the Venezuelan government hopes it will help them escape dollar tyrany. Hyperinflation has taken its toll on Venezuelans but many of them were informed enough to seek financial refuge with cryptocurrencies. This is a great example of how when value leaves fiat the holders will seek to run to other assets to store value; that exodus now has cryptocurrency as an outlet for the fleeing fiat users.

We may see a big example soon enough

Much of the world is currently on the precipice of a financial downturn and if america keeps behaving the way it has been then we will likely see a major crises emerge in the next 5 years or so. some analysts see a move away from the dollar as a potential catalyst whilst others proclaim that the trade war and student debt will push us into the downturn of this decade. Unlike those times prior, now cryptocurrency has created and outlet for those funds that “dissappear” from markets as the major stakeholders cash out. The financial bigwigs are likely going to enter the cryptospace as they will soon see it as a way to maintain some value in the crises they create.

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