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Sideways market waiting for a catalyst



bitcoin price chart

Crypto has found stability

Recently cryptocurrency and bitcoin in particular have seem to be at a point of stability where volatility and volume are moving along at a relatively stable pace. Bitcoin seems to have found a sweet spot around $6,400 while the rest of the market fluctuate very little. It looking like the bears and bulls are currently waiting for some sort f catalyst to spark movement from this calm. Some are saying that the Bakkt move by ICE will be that catalyst but I have my doubts. It is more likely that the rise in crypto will come later in november as th trad war intensifies and holiday season starts. It is likely that as financial problems in the wes continue to incresae we will see a move into crypto sometime in 2019 especially if another recession begins.

There is a reason regulation is happening

creating the regulatory structure that is necessarry to transition institutional funds into the cryptocurrency markets is likely a sign of an impending financial pullback. When the last recession happened massive amounts of money was kept in offshore bankaccounts held by bankers who for all intens and purposes were at fault of fthe economic downturn. now those banks are not able to hide the money so it is likely those funds will make their way into the crypto market as the banks begin preparing for the next downturn that they have been warning us about for years. Those of us that take the warnings seriously are prepared and have diversified assets that will be able to stand the test of time. I am not saying the stock market will die, but there will be a downturn that will create a huge wealth building opportunity if you have properly diversified your assets.

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Bonds On A Chain?!!





Bondchains are on the way!

Well now that the world bank has dropped this bombshell on us about the first Bonds to be distributed on a block chain, we can all breath easy right? probably not, it is likely that this announcement will have no current effect on the cryptocurrency markets as of yet but if there is further news about how it can be integrated there may be a pump in the books.

If your not already aware of the recent huge development in the world of blockchain adoption, check out this article about Austrailia being tasked with creating the first Blockchain Bond for a quick lowdown. This is a development that has huge implications for the future of global blockchain adoption. It is on par with the fact that cryptocurrency is about to get a legitimate Fiat backed cryptocurrency! This type of development is a signal that the cryptocurrency market is begginning to reach adoption even at the highest levels of finance.

Lets speculate

So this bond is being backed by The World Bank and will likely be the first of many blockchain based assets that comefrom the great financial institutions. Who knows we may soon see the IMF isuing loans on blockchains with smart contracts, or other yet to be concieved financial instruments. Im sure these things will be on private blockchains an be strictly regulated as well as require KYC etc, but it will undoubtedly pave the way for assets that bridge the traditional financial sector to its fledgling Blockchain sibling.

The creation of blockchain based bonds really opens up the door for a crypto ETF, because remember this is by definition a cryptocurrency: Regardless of how centralized it is. With more and more central banks looking into blockchain technology its not a huge leap to hypothesize that soon using cryptocurrency will become alot more common and accepted. Fiat money only became accepted after the creation of these central banking entities so logically they would be the ones to help usher in the next financial era.

The end of an era

Now that the regulators and boss banking entities are getting involved in the blockchain industry you can bet that the dynamics of the market will change fundamentally. In 10 years the cryptocurrency marketscape will be almost unrecognizable! Adoption as swept the planet and is taking hold in places it was meant to disrupt. Is this the end of fiat currency? probably not, but it is definitley the end of nondigital ledger technology. With this regulation and institutional investment, will likely come a decrease in the volatility we have seen over the past couple years. Steady but strong growth will likely be the order of the day after the dust clears from this current crash.

Theta is on our side, as early adopters we have th opportunity to catch the market at is worse and capitalize of the vibrant future of this growing economy. The cryptocurrency sector will continue to grow every year as regulation makes it healthier. IT all starts with adoption of the core technology of blockchain.

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